What is a loop?

Loop is our way of saying group. That simple!



LIVE is our way of activating the auto-pilot to share those magical moments with your people. So you can focus on enjoying and living... never take a break from the magic! What happens when you make a loop LIVE? - The LIVE loop will be pre-selected to share when you access the camera view in the app. - When you enter the app whilst a loop is on LIVE mode, it will open directly to camera view so you can simply snap and share on the go, with one tap. - Whether you have a loop on LIVE mode or not, the app will always tell you who you're sharing with right above the button to snap pictures. If you have more than one loop selected to share with you will read "multiple loops" - Although you can share pics with several loops at a time, you can only have one LIVE loop at one time. You can view and select your loops via the "Share with" button in camera view - Pictures you take through your device camera will NOT be shared. We have no way of telling you who you're sharing with there... and we don't want you forgetting and sharing pics by mistake!

When is LIVE the way to go?

The LIVE mode is conceived for any event where you'll be snapping pictures that you'll want to share with a closed group of friends. We have a few in mind: Music Festivals, a weekend getaway with friends, a bachelorette/bachelor party, a wedding, a summer holiday with family, a long ski weekend, ...


WHERE can I activate the Offline Mode?

- You can switch the Offline Mode on and off from the Settings Screen (Profile > settings) - Otherwise, the App will ask you if you want to activate the Offline mode whenever you have a poor/no connection.

WHAT can you do when you're Offline?

- You can browse all your previously downloaded content - You can take pictures and assign them to Loops - The app will save the pictures in "Pending" galleries (in Profile screen) so you can Send them with one tap once you're back Online. - You will be able to de-select the pics in case you decide not to share some of them

WHEN to use Offline Mode?

- When you have a poor connection or none at all - When you have a non-wifi connection and you don't want to use up your data - When you're abroad and roaming - When you're at an event and don't want to share all pics you take